ORDATA Database

The one or the other may remember the online “ORDATA” ammunition database (initially managed by the JMU University) which always came in handy for a quick reference when needed.
At some point (few years ago) the underwent restructuring which made the whole site cranky to use and more fractured. Then they hooked up with Swiss GICHD.
I then wrote off the whole resource years ago but today stumbled over their site again and found it now takes a special registration with lots of explanations and personal data (and not knowing the reasons for denying approval).

After we have created, trained and equipped terrorists all around the world some folks are cautious about not supplying the wrong people with bits of ammo knowledge (reading this is confusing you? good!)!
And knowing ORDATA from before I can say there is much more and better info available online.

In my view they (our so-called democratic governemnts) screwed up the whole thing (not only with creating terrorists).

Here you can view their regsitration website, that they are not demanding a hand written CV, all 10 finger prints and a DNA sample is about all.


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I just got approved. The chap with the rubber glove was actually quite gentle.

What’s a good example of their database?

Jestertoo, you mean their typical subjects and content?


It was basically a database for explosive ordnance. It contained photographs (rather basic) and also diagrams (mainly US sources) on all kinds of ammunition.
Back in the beginning when run by JMU it was seachable by ammo type, calibers (mainly offering a range of near by calibers too) and also designations ( the latter not working all that well due to possibilities in different naming etc.).

It was not about render safe procedures and also not on “how to”.

I always found it was better as a general search, ie if you know the rough size (it also had a ‘shape’ search). If you put in the actual designation it would come up with just about every variation around it!.
Seemed too the standoff procedure was the same for everything.