ORDI 7-110 Cartridge Headstamps of The World, 1960

Here a document I thought may be of use to somebody:
ORDI 7-110 Cartridge Headstamps of The World, 1960

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If you have the “Cartridge Headstamp Guide,” by White & Munhall, H.P. White Laboratory, Bel Air, Maryland,© Whie & Munhall 1963, then you have this slightly earlier ORDI 7-110, except that the commercial book from W & M has approximately 490 headstamps more than the military version. They are useful works if one realizes that they have many errors of omission and commission. It was pretty much a “pioneer” effort in identifying various headstamps.

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John Moss

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I just began looking for a copy today, and this will do just fine untill I find a print version.
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