Ordnance & Ammo Display Photos from ADEX 2016 2nd Azerbaijan International Defence Exhibition

Open in Google if you can and use the Google translator, also click on each photo to get an enlarged image. Most of the photos are high resolution. One problem, some of the photos have captions and if you use Google translate the photo captions disappear

Example photos:

Photo caption (for photo below) А это уже российские “приборы”, Google translation: And this is the Russian “devices”.




Brian, very cool, thanks!

AWESOME photos, Brian! Super grateful that you shared them. Totally gotta save them. :-)


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i noticed that 30x165 rounds had plastic driving bands !!!
copy of 30x173 GAU rounds

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By now the plastic bands are only known from air force ammo.
Navy and ground forces seem to use copper driving bands only.

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for eod
thank for your precision