Ordnance Container Identification

Hello All: I was hoping someone could identify the wooden crates in the pictures. I am not even sure they are related to ordnance but think they are interesting and wanted to learn more.

Crate 1
Crate 2

Thank you for your time and input.

As per the index 56-V-222 these crates were for M1891/30 Mosin Nagant rifles.

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Do you have better photos of the markings and the inside of them? They look soviet/com block to me, they are pretty large for most types of ordnance.

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Original post edited to include a photo of the inside of one of the boxes…I will get some additional photos of the insides and markings…thank you for the responses

Yep 56-B-222 are m91/30 rifles.

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The expertise in this group is astounding…thank you for the responses!

Keep in mind that this is Cyrillic script. For us here it shall be 56-V-222.