Ordnance from WW2 battlefield

This youtube channel often has some interesting finds from metal detecting battlefields.

Battle field scrounging and grave-robbing.
Not serious archeology. Cowboy stuff.
Example: the British brass tabs( webbing) and buckles showed that a pack or other combat webbing was lost here…is there a body/ bonesnear by?? Same with the German equipment remains.
Insteadof a haphazard wanderong listeningto beeps onthe detector, a proper grid search and layered excavation should be done, oneto ascertain the metal object, two to see what other remains ( non metallic) there are…steel boot- heel plates indicate that a body had been there…
No wonder alot of battle areas are closed to these vandals…only propr archeology allowed…UXO notified and Left in Place!!!
And human remains respectfully treated…including any possible identifying artefacts, for future burial at a war cemetary.

Youtube should not support this vandalistic opportunism.

Doc AV

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