Ordnance Notes#355 June 27 1884


Does anyone have a copy of Ordnance Notes #355 that you would share with me? It refers to the metal being used in Copper cased 45-70 with reference to Bloomfield Gilding metal. There is some controversy as to the amount of zinc in the formula. No references I have on metals even mention Bloomfield.



in the 1878, Report of the Chief of Ordnance pg 123 is a tests on Cartridge metals by 1st Lt. Henry Metcalfe, one of the metals tested was copper made by Mr. J. G. Moffet, Bloomfield NJ.
What you ask is not noted but apparently Metcalfe did have some thoughts towards future use.
I’ll keep looking & I have .45-70 boxes ca.1881 noting the use of Bloomfield Gilding Metal on the front