Ordnance Plant, Works, Arsenal, and Depot Insignia Patches, U.S. WW2, Photos Added

Excellent photos of a collection of United States Ordnance Plant, Ordnance Depot, Ordnance Works, and Arsenal shoulder sleeve insignia (patches), mostly WW2:


PS: Update, BOCN member “wichitaslumlord” has kindly given permission for me to post his insignia photos here on the IAA Forum:


I did not know GE had an ordnance department.

Who/What is “BOCN?”

John M.

John It is British Ordnance Collectors Network. The name of there web site

I have a sent request to the BOCN member who posted the photos asking him for permission to post his photos here on the IAA Forum.


Brian - thank you. While never a member, I should have known that! Old age, less memory.

Thanks my friend.