Ordnance Sign Translation Help

Does anyone have a idea what this sign says? It looks EOD related? Just curious. I think it is German?




You rule Rick! Thanks so much!



It must be noted that the red grenade sticker is used internationally in Europe (at least) to indicate the contents of a crate as explosives.


Thank you Philippe! I was wondering if that sign was referring to any specific type of dangerous ordnance and not just a general warning. :-)


It looks like the explosive device positions are shown relative to the outline of a helicopter (Russian HIND type??). Possibly external stores/sling emergency cutters up front and some sort of chaff/flare launchers on the tail area? Just a guess.

I was thinking torpedo, but the bulbous things don’t jive. Unless it was some super-seekret thing.

Definity a whacky picture. I was thinking helo also, but would have thought the artist would at least draw the rotor blades so then I thought torpedo, but like Rick said, it don’t jive!


cockpitinstrumente.de/archiv … u%2088.pdf

See page 17, its from a Ju88, though to be honest with you, I am not 100% sure what the pod is for. Though the pod did show up on the net somewhere under a Ju88 nightfighter, so I am just guessing…radar or electronic sensor of some sort.

Thanks SO MUCH, J.U.! Fantastic information. That is it for sure, even if I can not read German :-) Much appreciated!!!


Tried deciphering some of the words on a German-English dictionary page. Nothing. Nada. Nein. Zilch. None of the translations made sense. Sure looks German. Real curious as to what that thing is now. And if it has a headstamp :)


I will try that site out. I have never tried Bablefish. Great seeing you here.


I wish I read German!!! Whatever it is, I don’t think it is a radar pod. It is on the wrong spot on the aircraft, surrounded by structure, with the crew in a position where they would get at least sidelobe radiation and the prop sitting there. Hard to see what it could be used for and '41 is very early for an aircraft installed intercept radar. Perhaps a receiver of some sort??? The wiring diagrams on quick glance look like they are only switches and resistors.

I have no idea what it is, but it looks like it has pyrotechnics to blow it off the wing. The two thrusters toward the front look like they are ahead of the CG and the two thrusters on the tail (looks like two different configurations are shown). The other things on the tail may be some type of pivot link to allow the nose to drop down before the tail seperates.

How big is the sign? It looks like something that would be attached to the item to let the maintenance guys know that there were pyrodevices on the unit so they wouldn’t get hurt or fire the THING (whatever it is) off the wing by accident.

JU great research!!! Perhaps one of our German speaking friends on the Forum can tell us what this thing is???

Slick Rick, the little “red” devices probably have wonderful “headstamps”.

Page 9 of P.U.'s pdf shows that the red devices are explosive bolts meant to sever the plane’s connection to the item on page 11, a “rustsatze”, but I have no idea what a “rustsatze” is, and can’t find it in any of my dictionaries.

Wondering if this might be the receiver unit for their direction system. That whole dot dot dash dash thing, or maybe it was a tone (I forget), they used to guide their planes on night raids to London in WW2. But why would they need explosive bolts?!?!

And rustsatze (SDC)is ‘‘start sentence’’ which makes absolutely no sense.

Looked in all my books for a pic of this thing. Nothing.

It is hard to make a literal translation of some words from small foreign-language dictionaries. Words in German, like in English, have many different meanings. The word "R

That could certainly be a possibility; the Germans used 3 different “beam” systems for guiding their night-bombing raids, the “Knickebein”, the “X-Gerat” and the “Y-Gerat”, and it would’ve been in their interest to see any of these devices destroyed rather than falling into Allied hands, where a countermeasure could’ve been worked out. The way these systems worked is that the plane would fly along one beam until they intersected a second beam that alerted them they were over the target, whereupon the payload would be dropped.

Maybe the explosive bolts are how the under wing ordnance was released?