Organic Frangible Bullet

This organic frangible bullet designated “PLOAR” (Proyectil Letal Orgánico de Alcance Restringido) was recently developed in Argentina and is made using calcium carbonate pressed into different shapes and hardness levels, depending on the intended use. It was conceived as an anti-ricochet lethal bullet for military, police and civilians.

At the moment it only exist in prototype form in .45 Auto, 20 ga. and 12 ga.


I took these pictures a few days ago at the current gun show held in Buenos Aires.





Great Fede,hopefully it becomes succesfull


Eric, I hope so, but they told me that setting a full scale production line in Argentina would be very costly, so they are looking toward other countries.

Un saludo grande,


Hmm - death by antacid (Tums anyone?)


Five more 45s I have to be on watch for! Thanks for the heads up, and for the pictures, Fede.


John M.

Just spray with vinegar, they’ll dissolve.

They could try making them out of asprin too…to stop the headaches from headshots :-D


Fede, pudiste ver las estampar? hacen las vainas o usan recuperadas?
Fede, Could you see the headstamp? Are they their own or with recovered cases?


Hola Martín,

They used CBC cases for the .45 Auto and it looks like they pulled factory loaded cartridges, because the primer is marked with the large “V” that is only found in factory loads. Shotshells are made by Orbea in Argentina.



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Mis-translation and mangled Science here.
“Organic” in scientific terms (English & Other Euro scientific Languages) means pertaining to Living Matter…ie, Carbon-chain
based compound.
Calcium Carbonate is definitely an Inorganic compound, even though it can be produced by living beings.

On the other hand, in Latin languages, “Organico” can also mean relating to organistion, composition, make-up…EG
“L’ organico della compania”…the
Whole of the company, or the constituents of a company ( military)…or the Table of organisation/establishment etc.
In the case of CaCO3 bullets, it means the entirety of the bullet.

Of course the bullet would be chemically / environmentally degradable, just like limestone is out in the open environment…wind, water, acid rain, bird poo, etc.
CaCO3 is also Frangible ( in contact with Hard Surfaces ( buildings, carbodies etc.) But lethal on humans!!!

Definitely NOT Organic in the Bio-degradable sense…by Bacteria!!!

Doc AV

PS A Melbourne University has developed a Polysaccharide Plastic, which can be made into Biodegradeable Shotshells etc, since the source compound is Corn (Maize) starch, then it is Truely

No more shotshells littering the Duck swamps…

Doc AV

Right what I thought when I read this:
It dissolves in the body.
Its composition allows a rapid absortion in the body. Avoiding unwanted side effects.
Maybe they can add some vitamins, pain killers (more serious ones I guess), antiseptics and surgical tissue glue and the projectile will be considered pure medicine and could be obtained throug a prescription from your Doctor?
And the flyer in the ammo box will say something like: not more than 3 headshots per day, abuse may lead to addiction, keep away from untrained marksmen, shoot before the meal, for side effects contact your Doctor or undertaker!

What could be the unwanted side effect after being hit with a frangible round which likely will cause a maximum trauma (100% energy emission and extreme large wound cavity) and when hit in the body likely to be lethal anyways?
Who on earth will care then for dissolving projectiles??? (other than criminals, leaving a body without a bullet in it could complicate court cases)
And why is Military advertised here? As per Geneva and Hague these should not qualify as combat ammo.

I mean the thought is not bad in general for LE, self defense and training but then it is not really new.

Just my view…


Calcium carbonate does NOT
Dissolve in the body…why do you think you can get Calcium Kidney
Stone, Calcium Gall stones,
Calcium Bladder stones, Calcification of Tendons, Arteries,
Aortic Valves ( my case), Muscles,
Large Bruises, even Brain Tissue…

Doc AV … MD retd.

And the rednecks will pick that skeet-range clean, in order to make moonshine ;-)

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I suspect there is some kind of binder involved and that the projectiles would be formed by pressing into a mold, Projectiles would necessarily be of very light weight, as lead has about 4X the specific gravity of calcium carbonate. For example, Chalk is a soft and porous form of calcium carbonate. I wouldn’t expect much in the way of penetration capability. BTW, Clay targets are molded of ground limestone (calcium carbonate) with a pitch binder. Likewise, I would expect functioning problems if these are fired from a recoil-operated automatic or semi-automatic weapon due to the low recoil impulse (MxV).

A translation of an article in one of the Argentine (I think) newspapers, January 2019:

"A new Argentine development, the PLOAR ammunition - whose acronym means Organic Lethal Projectile of Restricted Reach -, in addition to disintegrating when hitting solid surfaces, it also does so in semi-rigid areas, such as glass (not armored), which helps prevent damage collateral As it is not an expansive ammunition, it does not pierce large bones or mutilate, which avoids causing unnecessary damage. This projectile, marketed by Municiones del Futuro S.A., is not expansive, that is, in addition to not suffering significant deformations in its profile, it does not fragment within the human body.

Depending on the specific use, it has a distance and range of variable effectiveness. Its design and composition allow the maximum effective damage distance to be regulated (commonly by exceeding 30 meters away from the gun’s muzzle), which makes it usable in populated areas, significantly reducing the risk of causing collateral damage to innocent people. In addition, by not bouncing on solid surfaces, an intimidating, warning shot can be made against the ground, without the risk of a rebound damaging the shooter himself or an innocent. Its special composition and lower weight make the recoil that causes its shot is significantly less than the classic for its caliber. These are its most important characteristics:

Identifiable: the ammunition or its bullet can be associated with the human group that uses it, given that the bullets of the PLOAR ammunition can be of various colors. In this way, those of civil use and those of each of the security forces can be identified, which in an expert scene in which civilians and security forces participated allows to determine to whom the found projectiles belong.*

Non-polluting: being non-polluting and used for defense or hunting, there is no possibility that neither the human target nor the person who consumes the dam (Game???) will suffer from poisoning by metals such as lead (Pb), copper (Cu), nickel (Ni), etc. On the other hand, since it does not possess contaminating metals as a constituent part of its bullet, it can be used by ammunition owners, shooters and shooting instructors, who carry out their commercial, educational and sports activities in shooting ranges or closed places (not fully open)."