Just cleaned off a shelf for to assemble a selection of the collection. Mostly of the larger caliber variety and some oddities. At least they’re not as spread all over in boxes and drawers and such. Ran out of room quickly, so another shelf WILL be cleaned off and dedicated some time in the future.


Rick: You don’t actually have anything to fire in that little bitty MG34 do you? JG

itty bitty bullets

Well, that takes care of that. I’m really impressed now! JG

Nice Display! Whats the little army guy got for ammo???


Appears to be a BREN, so guessing .303. Being used by a US soldier! Reverse Lend/Lease I suppose. Ammo would be teensy weensy vs itty bitty, due to scale, don’t ya know.


Here is Rick cleaning his MG34

Rick, you have a sweet collection! About time you gave it its own shelf! VERY NICE! I have never seen that wild 30mm round before. Kinda looks like the older German Geralic (no clue how to spell) squeeze-bore projectiles, but not. Is it a sabot?


Slick Rick,
So its a 303 TWFMJ ??? HA!