Organizing collection and Collectable ammunition

As I work my way thru my stash, after some time not looking at what I have, I decided organize how I have stored my duplicates and boxes. In 9x19, I have begun placing my 16 round boxes of german and related ammo in on large container/ I came across a partial box of exercise patronen I didnt know I even had. Guess I have things I forgot! Same is true of 7.9x57 and 7,9x33 plus a lot of US military. After Im dont, At least I will have a better idea whats in my collection. Alos been negotiating for some full boxes of 7.9x57 that I dont have. Hopefuly later in minth, I will se first box or so.
Guess my Blacksmithing activities have been on the front burner so long, ive neglected the colecrting part. tine to divide dcvote my time better. If I figure out how to post pictures, will share the exercise patronen box! )its dark blue with white label btw.