Original brenneke info?

I was just given some paper shotshells last night and one is a foreign one… I am new to foreign ones…
Any info would be appreciated…

I can’t get a pic of the headstamp… it is scruffed up…

12 rottweil 12 rwsigeco ( as best my eyes are seeing)


your cartridge should be loaded with a slug,Brenneke patent

Yes, it is a slug…

The link shows me the cartridge, but what country is it??

I can’t read anything on the website.

It is a german cartridge.Waidmannshell are still produced and common in Europe ( In USA I don’t know)

The site seems to originate in Germany, and the language is German. Really not too hard to hit the high spots about cartridges in the German language. You only need a few basic words. Much is similar to English once you have a very short cartridge vocabulary. I can’t read one sentence of social German, but I usually walk away with some understood facts reading about cartridges in that language.

I found it is also good to invest in some foreign language-English dictionaries, although they usually don’t have a terrific amount ot ammunition and firearms terms in them.

One of these days we will have on this website a nice glossary of foreign language ammunition terms, and that will help us all. It is a project in progress right now.

Edited for spelling only

There are many on line dictionaries too.

Thanks… it’ll sit with my other paper shells… this is the only foreign one for me… but adds a touch of design!