Original Full Box of 6,5 Bergmann No3 S.12

See pic. the Box is dated with 3-8-(18)97 and the ammo has no headstamp at all, and of course no DWM-Nr headstamp, which cames later
6,5 BGM 600x800 6,5mm 1mit 897



Nice label.! For sale ?
Thanks Dave
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Nice Peter!
Can we get a picture of one end? My Simplex box is not in great condition, but the ends have neat picturesSimplex ends 2.
Thanks, Dan

Peter - any chance of a photo of the head of the cartridge.
I was not aware of DMK/DWM-made 6.5 Bergmann rounds with
no headstamps. Wondering if I might have one unidentified
or misidentified. I am surprised these are not with the

  • D.M. * K. headstamp.

Nice box for sure!!!

John Moss

Here photo of the base…all have the typical green wax coat on the bullet…and do not have any headstamp.
6,5 bgm base no hs

and here the sidelabel:

Funny thing is, that ammo from the DM-K box, has DM K headstamp…

And here some more boxes (source Internet), from which I would knew, what the Designation B12, S12, or S13 means, as they are found on the DWM and also Keller&Co Boxes
08,00 Bergmann Simplex Box1!
06,50 Bergmann M96 2 box eley06,50 Bergmann M94 box Seite eley

have fun

Forensics - thanks for posting those pictures. I was able to
positively identify one of my 6.5 Bergmann unheadstamped
rounds to be a DWM of the variation shown for the first box
posted. It also got me reacquainted with my Bergmann collection,
not a great one, but pretty good.

John Moss

Thanks Peter,
Are the faces on the box ends different?


Hi, the lower part of the box was covered by some Cellophan, therefore kept maybe the original rose colored paper over the time, The upperpart faded to the actual more brownish Color. You can see the former upper Color on the very next box just beneath (the DMK Box)

No Peter. I meant the Trade Mark picture on the yellow box, and the Fabrik Marke pictures on the 6.5 Cal., and 8mm Simplex seem to be all different. Just wonder if they have a different pic for each Caliber?


as far I can see, the Trademark Picture on the german boxes are the same, the one on the Eley box and on the Keller box is slightly different.
The only thing, which is different really, are this numbers on the boxes on the main Label…
The funny thing is, that the main label from DWM and the Keller&Co Label is exactly the same (from the cornerdesign to the “C” from Cartouches…and the Arrangement of the writings.
the only box different , are the 2 Eley Boxes…and the Simplex one…

Noticed your post of the 6.5mm Bergmann Box. I have a similar box but where the" Deutsche Waffen-Munitionsfabriken Karlsruhle" is printed on the label, my box shows Gefertight in der Deutschen Metallpatronenfabrik Karlsrulhe, (Baden), Also there is handwritten a 13 after the No.3S abd before th Cal.6,5m/m ( ie. No.3S.13 Cal.6,5m/m).
After looking at several similar Bergmann boxes , I believe the 12 stands for Grooved while the 13 is for Grooveless cases. I still do not know what the S stands for. Hope someone will enlighten us.



Could you possibly post a photo of the label?

It is the same as the red label box above but with a hand written no. 13 instead of the hand written 12,
I’ll post a picture of the two boxes I have, as soon as I can figure out how to get my computer to post to this site.


image The two boxes I have.

Does the B or S after the No 3 on 6.5 mm Cartridge Boxes indicate the metal of the projectile?
Does the B stand Blei in German when translated to English as lead and the S stand for Stahl when translated to English is steel. Bergmann steel projectile has a Nickell coating.