Original paper-wrap from 1812?

Am I wrong for thinking that the condition of this supposedly original 1812 cartridge suggests a possible reproduction done in more recent decades using old archival newsprint? In any case, I find it interesting (and appropriate) that Ebay seems to be loosening its policies over the past couple years regarding ammunition sales with allowances for cartridges such as pinfires, paper-wrap stuff, and patent-ignition items:


Two real ones from somewhere near that time.
The upper was from a leather ammunition carrier/pouch that Paul Klatt turned up and dated as ca. 1839.

The lower is pictured in Vol. 1 of Hoyem and has an advertisement noting 1825 vintage wine arriving into the port of NY printed on the inside. I’ve unwrapped it & it contains a poorly cast round lead ball & very course & uneven black powder.

My 2¢ is that anything that clean & said to be that old has problems. Paper in those days was 100% rag & none of this modern acid paper was used, before I bought it I ask to feel it. It’s too clean, and the string looks too nice & new. Also other was to check it if it was printed by type the paper would be impressed by the type with the ink into the paper & if from a Xerox machine the ink sits atop the paper. Also UV light could be used to check the paper for age.

Bear in mind that good-sized fragments of newspapers and books 150 to 200 years old are out there. Jack