Original Super Speed cartridges

On page 14, March/April 2003 #430 IAA journal, there is a short article on the “original Super Speed” cartridges. Describes as calibers .25-20 WHV, .25 REM, .25-35 WCF, .30 REM, .32-20 WHV, .32 REM, & .32 W.S. all with hs W.R.A.Co. Boxes showed as Winchester Super Speed.
I wanted to see how many of these I had and wondered if someone has pictures of these items, so I could match correctly? I have all of these calibers in a variety of W.R.A.Co. The article says both oval brass & nickel plated brass primers were used and a variety of bullets. But also says “hollow point bullet” which would narrow field down quickly. Does not say whether primer had W.
Was also curious if any other calibers were ever added to this original Super Speed list?

Jim C

Bob Rudler wrote a book on the Super Speed cartridges. It appears by the boxes shown in his book that the first super speed loads were “Hollow Point Mushroom Non-Fouling”. That is probably the closest way to identify single cartridges out of their boxes. And yes they added 33 more calibers up to about 1973 when the SUPER SPEED head stamp was discontinued.


Thanks Joe.

Does anyone have pics of these with the bullet as Joe is describing? The hs would read only W.R.A.Co. & the calibers listed. I knew there were many additional Super Speed calibers. What I was asking were there any additional early Super Speed calibers which showed only W.R.A.Co.?

Jim C