Ortiz & LLoreda S.C. Santiago


Hello everybody,

Today I found a shotshell with the following headstamp:

Ortiz & Lloreda S.C. 16 Santiago 16

The case says
La Guinea
(guinnie fowl picture )
Polvora sin humo

Is there anybody who can tell me who the people on this headstamp are, and when and were??

many regards rene


It was made for Ortíz & Lloreda S.C. (Sociedad Cooperativa), a mayor hardware store and arms & ammunition importer of Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. By 1940 same firm was referred to as “Ortíz Lloreda & Cía.” or “Ortíz Lloreda & Co.”.

“La Güinea” is also a small village inside Santiago de Cuba province.

Cuban shotshells

Hello Fede,

Many thanks for this information.
Never thought I would find a shotshell made for Cuba!

Many regards rené