Ot - is it real?

This is about as far OT as one can get but I have to ask you fly boys out there - is this real? The caption said it is fighter breaking the sound barrier over Miramar NAS.


The picture is very real. What you see is the density change due to compaction by the shock wave. I have a series of 10 or so showing this phenomon by different aircraft. I’ll post them if I can find them.

Here is a vidio showing the shock cone being formed by a F-18 Hornet.


And another.

jumpcut.com/view?id=C009AF727552 … id=&them=1

Hope the link works.

Amazing videos. Thanks guys.

They make me wonder - some of those UFO sightings, could they really be things like this?


All it takes is moist air and a shock wave. I remember one early morning at Bien Hoa Vietnam when we launched a DC-130 recce drone launcher and as it headed down the runway the shockwave off the prop tips left 4 long corkscrew spirals across the wing and down the runway!!! Only time I have ever seen that happen but it is the same process.

But, it is wise to question things. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see.
NeptunusLex.com (a superb Naval Aviation etc blog I highly recommend) had a post of the above photo many months ago followed by several other similar, to which someone added a photoshop job showing a turboprop E-2 Hawkeye impossibly “breaking the sound barrier”. Looked good!
There are also some great photos floating around of projectiles in flight from small caliber up to really big bore stuff. Most seem authentic.

Those were all water vapor condensation effects caused by low pressure and high humidty.
None of them were caused by supersonic flow or shock waves.

Exactly. I’ve seen F-14s do this at airshows at Miramar. Very cool, but sub-sonic.