OT: "The Gun Report" magazine question


sorry to bother you with an off-topic question, but I do not know where to ask else (couldn’t find any info online) …

It that monthly magazine “The Gun Report” still being published and available in the U.S.? How popular or widespread is that magazine? Does anybody know the circulation (number of copies printed for each issue)?

They used to have a webpage (thegunreport.com), but this is currentyl not available or down.

Thank you very much!

Gun Report Magazine is still published monthly. It is very hard to find anywhere but by subscription. I subscribe to it, but I do not have any figures on their circulation, etc. If it is really important that you know that, let me know, and I will try to find out, if it is not privileged information. An old friend and colleague of mine writes one of the columns in that magazine.

John and Chris–Circulation information is public information. At lest once per year ALL periodicals are required by law to publish that information in the periodical itself. It is usually in the December issue and will be in small type inside a box, usually either on the Contents page or near the back.

Well, if they have such a thing, they do the best they can to hide it. I search last December’s issue and this January’s, and then relaizing that their voumes start in June, I check the June Issue for last year as the first issue of the year, and the May issue as the last issue of the previous volume, with zero results.

Every issue as the statement showing all their officers, contact numbers, etc., but I find nothing about the total circualtion.

One relatively current issue listed places to find their magazine - a total of four for the whole United Strates. I remember that when we sold it at the San Francisco Gun Exchange, that same list was only eight or ten sellers beyond direct subscription. It seems to have dwindled. It is a good magazine, but “Man at Arms” being the official “NRA” gun collector’s magazine, even though not published by NRA, probably diverts some attention away from "Gun Report. Still, it is among the minority of U.S. Gun Magazines, most of which are Walter Mitty junk, in having scholarly articles. Perhaps only Man at Arms, Rilfe, Handloader and Ssall Arms Review equal it, although they all have their own field of emphasis, and they all have their ups and downs.