Other Pickups for the Weekend


Here are the other pickups I made this weekend…

First, thanks to my friend John for this beauty of a Russian 23mm API round, I really dug this one and had to have it…

Fired case, with a great projectile, although I need to seat it fully…plus a link!

Then a nice early German 20mm Solothurn FlaK, and a very nice unfired US 20mm TP…

The German round has very nice paint, and as a bonus, its the first white tracer I’ve come across…


pzjgr, the German 20x138B is a Rheinmetall. Solothurn is incorrect.


Your 23 x 152B was made by Zelenodolsk Factory Associates, Kazan Region, Former USSR in 1964.


Falcon, thanks for the info on the 23mm…certainly I do not find much big Soviet stuff around these parts, usually just what I luck into from John, and I have never made it to any of the cartridge collector shows, so I was happy to pick this up.

EOD…yep, your right, I am just still in the habit of calling it a Solothurn. I have more than 20 various rounds of this, you’d think I’d remember that by now!


Superb specimens! Good photos, too. I was going to reach for my SOVIET CANNON book, but Falcon saved me the effort.


Do you have access to a lathe? If you do, it would me easy to make a neck resizing bushing for the 2cm FlaK.