Other postings while you are typing your reply

Is the silly advice page that an answer has been posted during preparation of your reply and suggesting review of your reply, really necessary? Once I hit submit, I go quickly through the “go back” key to the opening Forum page. I don’t see the necessity of having to read every page in between to be sure my own reply is not deleted. I just lost another long answer for lack of notice of that page, which to me, has little or no practical value at all. It is easy to edit your posting once you have noticed that a new posting was made in the interim while you posted yours, if even that really matters at all. I know I am a computer dunce, but this is a matter of slowing up the posting process. I do not redo any answers lost to computer intricacies.

John Moss

John–As I explained on another post, when you get the “Other postings while you are typing your reply”, you have NOT lost your original post. The “New” post will be displayed
directly below this message, but if you scroll down, your original post is there. Just continue to scroll down to the submit button below your original post and click on it again and your post will be posted.

BTW–I do agree that it is a wasted message. Perhaps ChrisB. can turn it off.

Also, you do not need to use the “Go Back” key to return to the main Forum. Just click on the “General Ammunition Collector Discussion” at the top or bottom of the postings and it will refresh the list of posts.

Ron - its once you have gone past that notice that you seem to lose what you have typed. I will watch out for what I am doing and see if it happens again, I can retrieve the message even though I have gone farther than that message, using your instructions. I have had no luck so far.

John Moss

John, maybe, if it is a long time consuming answer, it is good to highlight your answer in blue and right-click save it before sending, so if you lose it, all you have to do is open a new one and paste.

as an aside…unless it is a very short posting (like this)…I type it in Word and cut and paste it back here…I love the grammer and spell check muscle…but in reality…I used to lose a posting or two when hitting submit becuse of my corporate firewall…so in Word, I was always saved from the loss

just my 2 cents