Otto Schneeloch's .307 Triangular

Browsing through the good old Internet, I came across a very well put together theses on the .307 Triangular. It is a very good read!

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Very nice Pete! You have an AMAZING selection of cartridges!

Thank you

That looks like a thesis covering those triangular bullets, and the work is rather amazing given the obscure topic. That new cartridges were made from scratch, and then tested, is impressive. Ed Reynolds (wildcat loader) would probably like to talk to the author about those cases & bullets.

DK, you are correct. It is basically on the ballistics and purpose of the triangular bullet itself. I second your thought regarding the fabrication, and testing of the cartridges.

Thanks for sharing your find, RimPin, the cartridge was new to me and this was a really fascinating read. Obviously a very bright young lady that wrote it.
I hope that her wish of high-speed camera recording will come true one day. It would be interesting to see it in slow motion.

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