Over-label translation needed (Greek)

The owner thinks it is Russian, but it is all Greek to me. Please help reading the upper left over-label.

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You are right, it is definitely Greek!
It is written:


And could be translated in “pistol components”, but correct me if I am wrong.


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I have no idea how to write “fcharisto” in Greek but “thank you very much”.

Long time lurker, brand new member here; hello to all.
Just to absolutely clarify the wording: It actually says “πιστόλιον”, pronounced ‘pistolion’ in the language us Greeks used about a century ago, now the word for pistol is ‘πιστόλι’ (pronounced ‘pistoli’).
κλασματικοσ (pronounced ‘klasmatikos’) means ‘fraction’ or ‘ratio’ in Greek, but it is used only in mathematical terms, definitely not for firearms. Also, the writer has the final ‘S’ wrong and the word has no stress emphasis mark; I am definite it was not written by a Greek. Most probably some bad interpretation of the word pistol followed by the object that translates as Fraction or Ratio in the writer’s mother language.

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