Overlabel question


I have had this box for quite some time.
6.35 headstamps are
LBC star M star
Does anyone have information about the name on hand written label?


Interesting, it is an Italian language label that reads “Scatola [box] cartucce [cartridges] Browning da 25 Cal. 6.35 Fr. 4.50 Silvio Cavaleri Chiasso”. The last word is the name of a city in the lower part of the Canton of Ticino, Switzerland, a few kilometers from the Italian border. Silvio Cavaleri had a gun and bycycle shop in this city between 1908 and 1951.




Thank you,
I may have a few more translations and history’s for you to work on.
Great work.
Bob R


Bonjour Bob and Fede, I like to wake up, read the forum, realising that the only answer I could have given about my country has already been made by Fede ! Your are too quick for me. Chiasso is really a border town with Italy in sunny Ticino. Not a lot of gunshop left in that part of Switzerland. Today, Swiss ctgs collector’s meeting! Hope to find interesting ones…


And the box costed at that time 4,5 Swiss francs.