Overseas Shipping Update

This is crazy, just crazy. I shipped a copy of HWS Vol. III, value $65 USD, to a buyer in Switzerland a couple of days ago and the cost for the only available shipping (U.S. Priority Mail International) had increased to $80.60 USD! Since I had not updated my web site, I ate the increase. To be fair, the box could have included 20 pounds maximum of stuff, and the Vol. III only weighed 4 pounds 13 ounces. But two copies would not fit in the medium size box.

Shipping the same book to Dwight Jackson in Canada would have been $54.65 USD, which is at least less than the value of the book itself. Other rates: $80. 60 USD to France, Germany, Netherlands, and Norway, countries I routinely ship to. Russia (sorry, Max) is up to $94.35. If I ship a book to His Lordship Martin Golland in the UK, it will cost him $83.65 to get that $65 book.

This impacts all cartridge collectors worldwide and explains why my next book, on Dardick Trounds, will be available as both a bound, printed book and as an e-book. In fact, I’m working on my Gyrojet book, Revised, to include all the supplemental chapters and other new information, and it will also be available, perhaps only, as an e-book.

Shipping printed pieces of paper overseas sucks. It’s way too expensive and the buyer has little to show for an expense that could have been much better spent on an e-book via the internet. Now, the question is: How do I do an e-book. Stay tuned.


It’s not only the US which is ripping of postage. To send a copy of John Green’s book on the Australian 7.62, to New Zealand costs $55.00, the same price as the book.
Methinks, the major decrease in international travel has been a great opportunity for a rip-off since a lot of things would just go as luggage.

You need a distributor in various areas. If you want a Canadian one I’ll do it at cost.

A little tip in shipping overseas, depending on the country FedEx, UPS, DHL and other private shippers can now be cheaper and faster than USPS. I have found that most private shipping companies have their own customs which moves many times faster than regular postal customs, this is true for even Canada from the US. I know the prices of all shipping services has gone up but I still always shop around for each package.

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Kevin, thanks for the offer, however I was only making a comment about the situation. I’ll try to pass the info to John Green.

Is it less within the European Union? They have no internal tariffs on trade, so maybe the postal service charges between member states would be less.

As for Australia and New Zealand, they are pretty far off, so it would make sense. $55 sounds reasonable. But $80+ to ship across the Atlantic is crazy.

How about a simple PDF that is indexed?
That basically can be done at home.

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I think there’s software that can convert files into digital book files (.mobi and the like). You will have to edit the files so they can appear in a readable ratio on a phone or tablet or can be magnified.

As for PDFs, there’s software that can create and edit the files. Windows Word and LibreOffice Writer have the ability to directly convert document files to PDF. If you have a document file formatted for printing that uses those formats, they can convert it for you.

You should get a program that can add watermarking if you want to sell e-books because a lot of people bootleg them. It can add a code or serial number so you can track people who bootleg your work. Small special interest presses are especially vulnerable.

As for a PDF I’d recomment to use the original PDF maker which allows one to do all settings and tweaks etc. Possibilities are almost endless there (at least it feels like).
Every doc can get an organic serial number which can be noted in a database for potential tracing if it ever becomes neccessary.

Thats why I do my headstamp guide on DVD and USB stick. Its easy to publish, need a good software. I use Hyper publish pro but it is limited.

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I have gotten a couple of books from Finland, published in this manner. I get the book cheaply, print it for my shelves, and have a digital copy, all with some security for the seller. I am not an e-book guy, so this format works well for me.

I’ve been a computer owner user builder programmer since 1978. I use them everyday all day but nothing is as good as a hard cover book. Having both a book and the pdf is perfect.

Having both is good but as I use to travel a lot when working I need my docs with me. So digital is the only way that works for me.
Also digital allows to seach much faster than a hardcopy and in discussions (including here in the forum) digital is unbeatable.
So the idea of offering both is great!

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Gimme books!!!

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BTDT and decided it is worthless in the jungle or in the bush…


I like both and really do enjoy the flexibility, accessibility and quick indexing that PDF gives me.

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Alex…that is sure a fine comic book collection!

Is this normal for a book collector?

A book collector has far, way far, more books.

Okay, I don’t even want to know at this point :joy:

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