Overseas Shipping Update

This man Umber Eco, had one of the best.

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How much books does this man have?!

I’m not sure what he had when he died a few years ago but it’s 30,000+. The collection is now the property of an Italian university. Many of the books are medieval period.

Very much impressive!


The problem with e-books and PDF in general is the lack of protection against illegal copying.

That is why I never had the urge to publish e-book versions of our own books. It’s not exaclty profitable to begin with and to see illegal PDF copies of your book being distributed is not a pleasure.

There are ways and means to protect them, as mentioned earlier in this thread. e-publishing would get your material out to a wider audience…

Hi Mel.
Expensive, yes it is, but for me in Sweden it´s even worse. Any package I receive from contryes outside EU, I even have to pay between 10 and 30 USD in customs.for each package.

Looked it up today. Shipping my books from Europe to the USA costs about $60,50 at the moment (insured).

Amazon are thieves: they load all the costs on you as supplier and you have to supply them with stock which they store in a centralized warehouse. Not the best option if you publish small amounts.

The best way we (authors and publisher) found was to split the books over the 2 continents. We handle EU shipping, our publisher handles US shipping and the rest of the world is, well, optional.

Even that is not a real money maker. I recall when we got in our shipment of books from the printer’s: about $1000 on import duties and freight costs to be paid before we even sold one copy.

Publishing specialized gun books is not a money maker, I can tell you that.

Hope you enjoy the Walking Stick Book
This is 95% plus bullet books only perhaps 15 - 25 gun books

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