Oversize 9mm Para by SIG-Sauer


Another German/ECRA find. Solid brass. Interesting to me since I have a P225.



NICE Lew, pretty cool!


That’s downright beautiful, Lew.

I love it. I also like the P225, although I never bothered to acquire
one since I have a perfectly good FN GP. The grip fits human hands,
with a length of pull that makes it fine for the first shot in the DA mode,
and it is long enough to have a sight radius that will produce accurate
shooting, but yet is very handy to carry. The magazine capacity is, of
course, irrelevant, since magazines can be changed very rapidly, a point
lost on the idiots of the “gun control” variety. All in all, a very fine pistol
and I think one of the best of the “modern” DA autos. Really wish I had
bought one. It is the right size for a pistol of minor caliber.

When I was last in Germany, the Bundesgrenschutz were carrying the P6.
I sat right next to two of them sitting on a bench on the railway station platform
in Vervier, Belgium, where they rode and back and forth between there and
Aachen checking passports, etc. Nice older guy. The young guy was a bit more
officious, but o.k. too. The older chap and I had a nice discussion about the P6, when
I told him I sold them in a store in America (as the P225). I showed him my CCW
permit, and he proved he was a good copper. As I got up to get on the train, he
said "Goodbye Mr. John Moss of Daly City, California. In a few seconds of looking
at the permit, he already had memorized my name and City of residence, and probably
a lot more. I thought that was admirable, and a little amusing. I was there attending the
Spa Anniversary show for ECCC - I forget which anniversary now. We were on our way
to visit my wife’s family in Italy.

John Moss


I’m impressed that you have a CCW from California… I can’t imagine the hoops you have to jump through.
Here in TX, it’s more a bit of a formality, taking a class/prints/paperwork and waiting.


Jesse - I had the permit for 27 years. After I retired, in
my first ten years of retirement, I found that I had only carried
a CW once. I always found carrying one to be a bit of a pain
in the you-know-what, especially on very hot days, when I had
to wear a jacket. I voluntarily declined to renew it at that time
(I was also seventy years old at that time, and while still an active
shooter, and competent to handle the responsibility and marksmanship
needed, I also made it a point to avoid traveling in bad areas. I am almost
79 now, and have not particularly missed the ability to CCW.

This is not an endorsement of California’s attitude that makes it very
difficult to obtain such a permit. That hasn’t changed in the last 50 or
more years, and the record of CCW holders in California is proof of
itself that the policy is based on ignorance. The Sheriff of my county told
me at a social engagement once that there had never been a negative
incident involving a CCW holder in our county. Unfortunately, he still
felt that permits should be hard to get. I disagreed, but should add he was
an excellent Sheriff and a nice guy in all other ways.

John Moss


I agree about difficulties

I have found my CHL more useful as a way to bypass NICS checks, and consequently get discounts, on every firearm transfer, than to carry a gun.

Texas also has a very good track record of it’s CHLs. The media likes to make every single incident sound like an everyday thing.


Here in Jacksonville, FL there’s a Mexican restaurant that gives a 10% discount to CW license holders. That’s worth it by itself!


Oversize DAG Action 3 round.
Unfortunately not in my collection, nor anyone elses…


I like it! Eventually it will be old and tarnished and will float out into our world, with a bit of luck!