OVMS Show of Shows

SOS TODAY!!! I’ll be there in a few hours. 5026647926.

Looks like a great place!


Should be fun!!!

Back from the show. Found a bunch of neat stuff, but the Japanese 81mm with a full up Type 93 fuze was the best find followed by the 37mm MKI with markings and fuze, the T30E8 37mm fuze (pre M56), a bunch of IDFK fuses, two sectioned 40mm fuzes, two 37mm subcal devices, two German WWI HE, etc. A good day. Might go back tomorrow for some US four prong rifle grenade adapters and look at the 17pdrs.


WOW! The 37mm Hotchkiss with the red AP projectile is incredible!!!
Any chance for single shots of that one + headstamp maybe?

EOD, here you go. This will be my third US Army MKI with the red paint and markings, though the first with the MV on the case. Also, it is the first time I have seen the boxed “N” as the fuze manufacture for these rounds. Usually it is A.M. CO. (as pictured with my other P.E.M. CO.). I’ve only seen the boxed “N” as a manufacture for US Naval MKXII fuzes used in the 1, 3, and 6pdrs and the 3" common.


Bruce, thanks a lot!!!
Over here we do not get to see these and know them only from textbooks.

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Thanks, EOD. This is my small collection of (mostly) 37mm’s. And, yes, there are a couple that are not in the correct case. I know of other collectors that have literally ten times the amount of what I have. I’m still learning them and it’s fun to find the variations.


I see some great cartridges there!!! Again thank you for sharing!

Well, since I live so close, I just had to go again. I found a tin containing seven MKI fuzes for the US 37mm MKI, five of the four prong grenade launcher adapters and some other odd and ends. I had to justify the trip, ya know ;-). As they say on another Forum I visit, “I said I was an addict. I didn’t say I had a problem…”.

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Love that photo of your collection. Very nice, thanks for sharing!

Congratulations! Nice finds.

Thanks all!!