P-61 Black Widow bore-sighting

I think it’s an interesting photo of Black Widow en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Northrop_P-61_Black_Widow bore-sighting. Enjoy.

The Mid-Atlantic Air Museum in Reading, PA, (MAAM) is working on a long term restoration of a P-61 which crashed into a mountain in New Guinea in 1945. They recovered the wreck in 1991, itself a major project, and have been working on restoration to flying condition ever since.

While they are not yet ready to load any ammunition, they do have the fuselage rebuilt and the 20mm guns restored and installed.

Anyone with any interest in aircraft can enjoy the hundreds of photos showing the multitude of details involved in restoring one, and see their progress to date. The website is a bit disorganized, so you may have to poke around abit to find the areas that most interest you, but start at http://www.maam.org/p61/p61_begin.htm

The MAAM does have an annual living history event, at which several dealers do sell ammunition and ordnance type items, and that looks like something which would be interesting to visit. (Based on Vlad’s excellent photo postings in the past).

Thanks, John, for kind words. Here is a link to this plane (only 4 exist) maam.org/p61.html