P in the headstamp

On a 10.6 or 42 Russian Berdan dummy which is within a grain of the same total weight as a loaded round.
Who is “P” and is this a box maker or some other specific kind of a dummy?

Pete, you have a side view of the cartridge please?
Caliber in metric will be 10.67x57R or as the Russians called it: “4.2-line rifle cartridge”.

The “P” is a Cyrillic “R” and should be the brass manufacturer.

The case was made by St. Petersburg then if my understanding is correct.

Thanks Pete!
And do I see it right, it has no flash holes?

Correct Alex no flash holes. & thanks for the case maker information

A nice round!!!

Because of this post another variation has turned up with same headstamp, lack of flash holes and cartridge profile but the total weight is only 520 grains vs the 608 grains total weight of this one.


Official drill dummies of the time looked different.
My thought here is more on factory dummies or thelike.

As said, nice and I have not seen these before.

One Russian source gives the metal supplier as Rosenkrants of St. Petersburg. The letter K, per same source, signified Kol’chugin. From various sources it is known that these two firms were the largest copper producers in Russia at the beginning of the 20th century. Jack

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