P.S. headstamp on 22 ctge

Doo you know for which customer is this hstp

PS is a headstamp used on centrefire ammunition for Poonsang Ammunition Plant, which is the same plant that produced .22LR for PMC?

Hello Guin
It cannot be Poonsang Ammunition because this hstp is from before WWI


Hi JP.

I have not seen that headstamp on a .22 before (or any other cartridge for that matter). I am assuming it is impressed?


Powder tin - I know nothing about rimfires, but as to “any other
cartridge” the headstamp using the initials P.S. has been used by
PMC of South Korea (impossible for this rimfire, as Jeanpierre has
said), Povazske Strojarne of Slovakia on many calibers (also likely
impossible for this .22 round) and Pirotecnia Militar de Sevilla, Spain,
and on post-WWII Japanese .38 Special ammunition although in a
somewhat different format. There may be others.

I have no opinion on what it means on a .22 rimfire, evidently from the
pre-WWI era. Sevilla of Spain was using the PS headstamp that early,
but I do not have the knowledge to draw any conclusion about the .22
just based on that.

John Moss

Thanks John for your help.

It is perhaps for a south american customer, an european one or whatevre because sFM used to sell worldwild. therfore we have to wait somebody to find a box.

There is perhaps a chance I find who is the customer when I will sort the SFM label collection.
But I have at first to finish the marks.

Yes Will, it is impressed because as it is written the picture is raised on the bunter (marque en relief sur le poinçon)
Here is the drawing