P08 (and perhaps 7.9x57) lot numbers on German WWII production


Recently I contributed to a post titled “An interesting 9mm” on the BOCN (http://www.bocn.co.uk/vbforum/threads/97836-An-interesting-9mm )which was on a P08 cartridge headstamped"dou (star) 102 41". I think this is the most common WWII P08 cartridge I have ever encountered. In '41 dou produced lots 1-104. Over the last 60+ years I have acquired the last seven lots but am still looking for 63 of the earlier lots including all of the first seven lots. Still, the dou lot 102 of 1941 is probably the most common and is clearly the most common brass case mE load.

One reason may be that the lot numbers varied considerably over time and from one lot to the next.

Another obvious reason is that some lots were sent primary or entirely to the Eastern Front while others went west where they had a much better chance of ending up in a cartridge collection. In my case, it also depends on which loots were shipped to the US as shooting stock and how they were distributed when they got here. In the case of the dou brass case loads from 1941, most of the early rounds likely went with the German forces invading the Soviet Union and never came back. I don’t know of any P08 lot number collectors to compare lots with.

Perhaps Dutch or one of the other 7.9 experts can offer an opinion based on their collections/data.

Any insights are welcome.



Perhaps this list can be helpful.

Anyway, I do not see any reason why you are so amazed by this lot. To my eyes it’s just a lot#.


Rolf, I expected you to have the most complete set of these dou lot numbers than any other collector. I suspect that is true for most German manufacturers.