SLICS '09 is over! Williamsport '09 is over! Can’t wait for the Lancaster, PA Show!!!

I bumped the show info up on the B/S/T Forum. Check it for the latest show information.

Contact me or David with questions or reservations!


Is there any shows in NH???


only a few good firearms shows, no cartridge shows in New England due to the lack of interest.


NH isn’t too far from PA.


Great we’ll have a show in NH and all you guys in PA can drive out.


Got a date?


We should plan one in Maine, Lobsters, Clams Shrimp. We do believe in Freedom of speech also ;-)


A hair over a month away! The show is filling up! Hotel reservations need to be made by July 25 to get the show rate, don’t wait (use Code 6192). Make your plans and hit Mapquest for directions.


Only two days left to ge the Show Rate for your hotel room, don’t wait!


Have my reservations,850 different 7.62 x 39’s packed ,and am waiting to leave for the show
See you there
Jack Wells
"The SMAJ."


What’s the price of admission?


Hi, Story.
We request $3 at the door, to help with some of the costs.


One week to go!
Keep those questions and requests coming.