PA Cartridge Show: 8/16-18


So this originally German type called Gerlich worked in larger artillery designs, but (appears) did not survive in smaller calibres like above pictured .50 cal. Is that because of the expense or for some other reason?


Vlad, basically nothing Gerlich made was ever adopted. And all we see today is experimental specimen.
Though the bullet here is a Gerlich design it was not made by him as he passed away in 1934 in Denmark (I was honored to visit his grave a few years ago).



Great photos, thanks for posting them here on the Forum.



Have been trying to get the dimensions you ask for to you but wont go through to cartridge collectors what ever it is. So, I will try this.
Length: 2.353in
Weight wo/band: 50 grams, 1.8oz
Weight w/band 51grams

Hope this is what you wanted.



Sadly, I was not able to schedule around work to make it to the show this year. Glad to hear the new venue worked out and it looks like a nice bright place to have the show. Would be great to see more pictures if there are any.

Randy certainly does look happy in that picture (I suppose rare FA squeeze-bore finds will do that) and I hope the Duguid boys ganging up on Jon for a deal weren’t too rough…

I’ll look forward to next years show and hope to see all there then (as well as some new U.S. NATO items for me!).

Best Regards,


No sweat, Andrew’s kind of a hippy vegetarian, not much of a threat. ;)
I’ll see if David has more pics to post.