PA Show: Big Thank You!

Well, the Morgantown, PA show is over and we celebrated our 20th Anniversary. Dave and I (and of course my old partner Paul Callow) want to thank all the table-holders and attendees over the years who have made this milestone possible. We moved hotels from Denver, to Morgantown, to Lancaster, back to Denver, and the last few years back at the Morgantown Holiday Inn.
Thanks again for all the fun and friendship. We are already booked into the hotel for our 2015 and 2016 shows, so book your reservations early and often!!!
NatoDave will be adding some pics to this thread a little later. Enjoy them, and see you next year!

A few photos from the show.

I echo Jon’s thanks to everyone - table holders, attendees, the hotel staff, Joe and Karen for looking after the coffee and Carol for manning the door.


Edited 8/21/14 additional photo


Looks like it was a great show.

How about some names to go with the photos?

No idea about how much cake would have been left if John Hintlin would have been there, oh wait a minute, I do, NONE

The cake lasted less than 45 minutes!!!

Let’s play the “Where’s Pete?” game.

I’d ah been there if-in I’d had my druthers.

Thanks for posting pictures. Looks like a great show. One of these days I am going to make it to this show. Some day…


Kidding aside, it would be a stretch for me to ID even half the people in one or two of those pics. We get a lot of walk-ins, and although I usually recognize the faces, I’m really bad with names. Just ask my students!

Guess that explains it, good on ya!