Pacific International Import Co-9mm Box

Another box that turned up recently. It is empty.

Pacific International Import_zpsbzwqroiw.jpg~original

The box has no address, but a number of apparently related companies operated in Sacramento until about 2008. Their retail outlet was the Old Sacramento Armory on 2215 J Street. the Import Arms Co. was in business at this same address until the late 1980. The Pacific International/ARMEX/Inter-American Import Co. also operated at this address in the mid-1980s and later the Pacific International Merchandising Corp. shared the address with the Old Sacramento Arsenal. Finally, a shotgun forum had a post about a Spanish shotgun marked “pacific international importers”.

What is interesting about this box is that the yellow label is pasted on top of a printed label that says “CENTENNIAL ARMS CORP.” The label seems to read as follows, but one line I can’t make out but is probably NON CORROSIVE BOXER PRIMED.
MADE IN USA (I think)

The black bar across the top of the label is distinctive. It also occurs on the only other Centennial Arms box I know of.

B16-Centennial Arms box_zpsyenzsguu.jpg~original

This box is loaded with Amron made 115gr loads, apparently for military use. The headstamp on this ammunition is “9MM” at the top and “LUGER” at the bottom. I also have this headstamp and load in a blue and white Amron box.

The two labels are clearly different, and the quality of printing on this label is much better than that under the yellow label.

It is also interesting that Amron produced a load with this same headstamp using a 95gr short blunt “Hemi” FMJ bullet. My example has the “9MM LUGER” headstamp mentioned above.

Does anyone have a box like the one with the yellow label that has the original bullets in it?

Does anyone have a Centennial box like the one under the yellow label?

Does anyone have some clearer information on the Pacific International Import Co???

Any help appreciated.


for what little it might be worth, all the Continental boxes I’ve seen have the black bar across the top.
otherwise, sorry, no help here.

I sent this post to John Moss. John’s family responsibilities at this time do not leave him any time to participate in the Forum.

As I suspected, he knew about this company. His insights follow.


I only really remember this from the PIMCO days - Pacifica International Merchandising Company. It was owned and operated by Ed Faust. He was also a jobber for some lines of guns, including Colt and Smith and Wesson. Personable guy to talk to and know, and we were a pretty big customer of his. He probably had something to do with other firms at the same address. Old Sacramento Armoury was the name of the door, as I recall, of his building on J Street, and was a retail outlet as well, although only a tiny portion of the building. Across town he had a pretty big warehouse, but don’t recall ever knowing the address. He took my friend and I over there when he had the huge shipment of battlefield scrounge ammo from Israel. I wanted to look through all the 9 mm, but we only had a couple of hours and I didn’t even get through one of the big boxes. It must have weighed 500 pounds, and when I was through what I could look at, I had added over 100 9 mm to my collection. Aside from the box you show, which I have never seen before, I don’t know of any connection he had with Centennial Arms Company, a Chicago-based outfit with some ties to AMRON. Faust was, though, a very early importer of ammunition from S. Korea.

-John Moss-


Great box! Thank you very much for sharing.

This was one of a long and somewhat confusing list of companies owned by Edward Louis Faust between 1958 and 2008, all of them located in a small area of Sacramento, California.

He was born on April 13, 1938 and as early as 1958 started doing business as Faust Military Ordnance, Box 8022, Sacramento 18, California.

This trade name was used until late 1962 and on January 9, 1963 he established Western Military Arms Corp. at 1609 “E” Street. The latest ads I have from this company date from 1966.

During 1967 he advertised as Inter-American Export Co., Box 8022, Sacramento, CA 95818, but it seems that this was a trade name and not a real company. Also, during the same time he traded from the same address as Inter-American Import-Export Co., and by 1973 the address of this last company changed to 2416 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 (only 1 1/2 mile from the previous one).

Then, as early as 1972 he started trading as Pacific International Import Co., also from the latter address. This trade name and address was used as late as December, 1977.

On January 13, 1972 he established Old Sacramento Armoury, Inc. at 2215 “J” Street, Sacramento, CA 95816, also very close from the other ones. At this same address, on March 9, 1973 he established Pacific International Merchandising Corp., which lasted until at least 1989.

On February 8, 1977, he established New Helvetia Mercantile Corp. (NHMCo), doing business as New Helvetia Trade Group, and on September 19, 1980 he also established Alpha America Trade Group Ltd. In both cases, their address was 2215 “J” Street.

Finally, on October 28, 1993, he established GFCC Corp., also at the same address as above.

His long lasting company was Old Sacramento Armoury, which closed its doors late in 2007.

Ed Faust died on May 4, 2013.

For clarity, here is a timeline of these companies:

By date:

1958-1962: Faust Military Ordnance
1963-1966: Western Military Arms Corp.
1967: Inter-American Export Co.
1967-1973: Inter-American Import-Export Co.
1972-1977: Pacific International Import Co.
1972-2007: Old Sacramento Armoury, Inc.
1973-1989: Pacific International Merchandising Corp.
1977-2007: New Helvetia Mercantile Corp.
1980: Alpha America Trade Group Ltd.
1993: GFCC Corp.

By address:

Box 8022, Sacramento 18, California (1958-1962):

  • Faust Military Ordnance

1609 “E” Street, Sacramento, California (1963-1966):

  • Western Military Arms Corp.

Box 8022, Sacramento, CA 95818 (1967):

  • Inter-American Export Co.
  • Inter-American Import-Export Co.

2416 16th Street, Sacramento, CA 95818 (1973-1977):

  • Inter-American Import-Export Co.
  • Pacific International Import Co.

2215 “J” Street, Sacramento, California 95816 (1972-2007):

  • Old Sacramento Armoury, Inc.
  • Pacific International Merchandising Corp.
  • New Helvetia Mercantile Corp.
  • New Helvetia Trade Group
  • Alpha America Trade Group Ltd.
  • GFCC Corp

Regarding the Centennial/Amron box, here is an ad dated February 1973:




Fede, Being retired from the Industry for so long, I was not aware that Ed passed away a couple of years ago. We had our ups and downs with him, but he was generally an affable chap and he and I got along fine. I am sorry to hear he passed at an early age. Another friend gone.

Old Sac Armory used to be one of my regular haunts. I’d go there about twice a month looking for guns and ammo. I used to find some great boxes of ammo for my collection. As an interesting note, they were the first to import the Korean Daewoo semi-auto rifles. It was a sad day when BATF shut them down.

Found a picture of another Centennial box with a cancelled company designation. This company must have been one of the few that have ever offered a 95 gr FMJ load in 9 mm Parabellum.

9mm Luger - 95 Gr FMJ

Bought this box at a gun show a few years back. Figured I’d add it to the discussion as another example of box type.


Very interesting box, thanks for sharing. Do you have pictures of the contents?

You missed Armex International. Ed also owned this one and sold most of his class 3 Dealer Samples through it.