Packaging for IMI contract 5,56 for Denmark


Of the various contracts for 5.56x45 for the danish forces, RUAG (Thun) and IMI has been the most prevalent. Now that the Expal owned AMA has gotten their act together they seem to dominate what is taken along to the range for training these days. The Radway Green L15A1 has been surplused out of the system along with the swedish made lots.
Here are the two packaging versions for the IMI; They are both packed in standard NATO M2 cans, in the same stripper clips but in different cardboard boxes. The cans contain 870 rounds. The black thingy is the seal for the can.
Sorry for the fired cases, but I do not have a permit for .223, so had to make do with what I can have: reloading components…


Note to the Fuchs’: Picture in better resolution can be had :-)