Paging GuyHildebrand

We sent him the traveling mystery box but haven’t heard from him since. Anyone talk to him recently? He ok?

His web page is up to date, May 2015 picture page.
Web address and contact page are below:

Thanks. Sent him an email.

I used the email in the IAA Members List and it bounced back to me. Hope all is well.

Guy here. I haven’t been visiting the forum as often as I should.

I have not received the box. When was it sent and is there a tracking number? Also, to what address was it sent?

Guy, this is who/where it went to:

[Edit: Deleted since address info is no longer pertinent.]

And it is recorded as delivered: Wed 4/08/2015 11:06 am
Check your garage and bushes, and ask your neighbors.

Eureka! The box has been found. It was indeed delivered and I didn’t have a clue that it was the ‘traveling mystery box’. I get quite a few deliveries of ammo for my web page. I looked through it and didn’t have a clue what it was at the time. I sorted out the boxes from the loose ammo, put everything into another box, and put that box in my ‘office’ with all the other boxes that were part of our move to the new house, and there it sat undisturbed since. I don’t recall any letter or note being in the box, just the ammo. I apologize for this oversight. I’ll add something to it and get it on its way. Who does it get sent to next.

Good to hear.