Pakistani 30-06

Just figured I would share some pictures I took the other day. Yes, I have plenty of boxes, rounds and clips.


The “SCREENED” box did not come in my crates. I bought it from J&G sales in Prescott Arizona.

Mixed clips in the boxes. Some Borg Warner and some unmarked, also POF. Some, the center is unmarked and domed outwards.

150 grain flat base GM bullet. 50 grains of tubular powder similar looking to IMR 4895, berdan primed with 2 flash holes.

Joe, great posting! Thank you for sharing!

Thanks Alex, at least one person appreciates it, so that makes it all worth while. Any other aspect I can post a picture of just say and I will try to add.


More people look (and like) your photos without commenting. Some (like me) have not much to add to comments, but that does not mean we don’t like pictures. I am going on a museum binge in December, Washington Navy Yard, Fort Bragg, Parris Island and Navy Seals’ Museum (the 2nd try, the museum was closed last year). I shall not get many comments but people far away will look at my pics and (silently) like them. Keep on posting pics, imaging is worth 1000 emails.

Do you know if they’re corrosive Berdan-primed?

Most Probably Yes, a Copy of the .30 Mark 4 made by Kynoch in the 1950s and 60s…Brass Looks good, as do the Clips. Reload with .217 (5,56mm) Berdan Caps (DAGAMMO or Grafs)

Pakistan had M1 Garands, M1919A4 BMGs, etc ( US Aid). during the late 50s-60s, before going to 7,62 Nato and the H&K G3 etc.

Doc AV

Vlad, no , I know. I am just being humble.

Jon, I do not now as I have not tested any of it, but I would assume so.

Doc, I doubt I would bother reloading. I might try some of it just for the heck of it in time, just to see what kind of accuracy I get out of it. I would not fire it in one of my Garands however. A sturdy low dollar bolt gun maybe. Like my M77 Ruger. Not a fan of Paki ammo. I have had some real bad luck with trying there .303" as a teen some 30 years ago. What a bunch of crap ammo.


Joe…ad one to my list please…paul.

Hmmmm. So, you are saying that somebody actually collects 30-06? What will be next? 9mm Para!

;-). ;-)

Joe, you know that I read all of your posts and enjoy trying to ID your odd cartridges. Keep them coming.


Joe, I would also second Vlad’s comments about enjoying good quality photos without necessarily responding. It may sound sad but one of the highlights of my day is checking out this forum and admiring, and learning from, the superb pics that you and others take the trouble to post. Keep 'em coming!