Pakistani 9 x 18 mm Makarov ammunition

Does anyone have any information on any 9 x 18 mm Makarov ammunition made in Pakistan, including Darra? According to there website today, Pakistan Ordnance Factory does not make it, which is not a surprise, since they don’t make the pistol.

That shoves us in the direction of Darra. It would seem highly unlikely that the caliber has NOT been made in Darra, since they make copies of the Makarov Pistol there. Still, I have not seen any mention of it and would like to confirm that they do make it in Darra, especially if someone can provide cartridge or cartridge box pictures, advertising from there for that caliber, brand names, names of shops, etc. Of course, a picture of a round with its headstamp would be fabulous, but I doubt from long-time correspondence that we will see that.

Here are a few Pakistani threads on suspect 9x18 ammo:

Jon - thanks, but I can’t open any of those threads without signing up for their forum, which I really don’t care to do right now.

Sorry. I’ll try to compile and email you some summaries.

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