Pakistani 9mm Surplus?


I just saw a posting on another site about Samco now selling Pakistani (POF) 9x19 surplus. Has anyone seen or heard anything about it?

Just found this:


It will be SMG grade “British” ammunition. Made to British spec in ex-British factory.
Unless they have changed the spec in the years between independence from Britain and when this ammo was made it will be quite harsh for pistol use. Equivilent to a sort of 9mm+P.
Not particularly accurate either in pistols and probably too hot for some. It has been known to take pistols apart, cracked slides and similar problems. But on the other hand it is cheap.

Perhaps Armourer or TonyE would be better qualified than me to comment on the packaging. I only have dim and distant memories but to me it looks very much like standard British packaging.


I remember Pakistani 9mm & 7.62mm x51 that was issued to us as inaccurate and unreliable. We broke some rounds down and found variable amounts of powder and powder that was in lumps. Horrible stuff. I suggest that anyone who buys the stuff only uses it with a catapult.

One day on the range I remember the Pakistani 7.62mm x 51 being fired in the L1A1 (FN FAL) barely ejecting the empty case and then flinging the next empty out over 30 feet.

IMHO the powder used in Pakistani ammunition was at least 20% curry powder.


I’ve read the same story about Pakistani 12,7x99 mm ammunition made for the British troops in Afghanistan. According to the newspaper, is was highly unreliable. I’m still looking for such a cartridge for my collection or more info about it.


So these are bad, I hope they are not corrosive.


It makes sense that they would supply bad quality ammunition to forces who were shooting at Pakistan’s real allies.


I bought some of this about 12 months ago when it first came in, mostly because I wanted the boxes which I’d not seen before.

I agree with the assessment—not good ammo, but I have a semi-auto Soumi M31 that is built solid enought that it would probably handle 30-06 and I am comfortable in burning it through that weapon. Wouldn’t consider putting it in a pistol.

The ammo I’ve seen is all from 1980 or so. I think that would make it non-corrosive.




I wouldn’t bet on anything military being non-corrosive, unless of more recent manufacture from a US source. Several years back, I had some relatively recent Indian-made military 7.62X51 NATO (I don’t remember the headstamp or year, but I think 1980s) which was indeed corrosive. I had a rusted bore the next day in my pre-64 Model 70 as the result of my expectation that the ammo was not corrosive, and therefore I did not need to clean it immediately.


[quote=“sksvlad”]So these are bad, I hope they are not corrosive.


I wouldn’t recommend 2Z for use in a pistol. Too much risk of cracking the slide on anything modern or lightweight, besides accuracy is likely to be poor. Its SMG ammo