PanzerFaust 7.9 blank?


I have a short film clip which shows a fellow loading what appears to be a 7.9 blank into a PanzerFaust and firing it. Special blank ?


No the manual say its a normal Platzpatrone 33 blank - the armourer had to remove the wooden bullet.


Do you think that they were plugged in any way ?


This is hard to believe given the pressures developed by blank powders.



While I admit to knowing very little about the Panzerfaust in any of its models, I always thought the propelling charge was a fairly sizable load of black powder. Perhaps, if the wood bullet was removed from the blank, the powder was also removed and it acted only as the primer to ignite the propelling charge? Possibly as a clue, did the video you refer to show a large smoke discharge like that of black powder or did it look “smokeless”?

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If Iam not totally wrong the blanks had an felt wad between powder and wooden bullet -
The Übungsschiessgeraet fired a wooden warhead and a wooden stick in the back direction.

No black powder load - no heavy warhead - the case wouldnt loose the powder - it is written like this in the manual - :-) so what ?



Ah! A wood warhead! Was the Übungsschiessgeraet a training model? (Please pardon my ignorance of the German language).

The pressure curve of a noise blank generally does not work well for propellant applications if you’re trying to move much mass. Very interesting application there…Thanks for the information.



Here is how a Platzpatronen 33 is constructed. The felt wad was an one piece unit but came apart while I was trying to remove it.


A fired Panzerfaust tube was used for this conversion. This is the part drawings for the armourers.
Everybody should be trained in the use of Panzerfaust. The Warhead and stick that should immitate
the fire flash of the original gun and gave a sort of recoilles use, where made of wood. That trained the
user in firing, aiming and have a look to the back.
The propelling gas expand into the big space between the both wooden rods. They surely make pressure
tests and the pressure must be in the green area.

The Manual tells us that a Platzpatrone 33 was used. The wooden bullet was pulled and the wad hold the powder.
Every rests of wood had to be removed. The chamber has two nozzle like holes. Probably one of the first high - low pressure systems. For every shot two blanks are necessary. A second blank was loaded in a chamber in the back stick.



If I am getting this correct. This is a practice version of the Panzerfaust. Did 2 blanks without wood bullets come packed with it or was this part of what was done getting ready to fire it for training ?

Was there a training film made ? What I have is a piece of a news reel showing some of this.


It is a field conversion. It was done by the armourers from fired Panzerfaust tubes.
There was an official order to do so.
The ammo is the normal Platzpatrone 33, Packed in 15 rd boxes.
I have seen very different wooden warheads- some are reinforced with iron cups or bands.
There is a Wochenschau handling the education. Kids, women, old man - everybody was teached to fire this device. Here are the warhead and the buffered stick with chamber for the 2nd cartridge

NO special ammo- it was late in the war - they had other problems.

Here is a film … Life and TP Panzerfaust would be thrown together :-)
A guy hold one Panzerfaust high over his head to demonstrate it is recoilless. … re=related




Thank you. That is exactly the film to which I refer . They load a blank into the practice verison ? The explosion which they show to follow doesn’t look like a wood practice warhead. Theatrics ?


They mixed the films.

00.01 loading of a wood warhead - There is no need to remove the finned shaft from a life Panzerfaust.
00.09 firing a life Panzerfaust overhead
00.12 loading of Platzpatrone, firing the training Panzerfaust
00.19 Impact of a life warhead
00.21 Women fired a life Panzerfaust

Just found some documents about dummy Panzerfaust. Used to train the safety and “make ready to fire” rules.
Firing the device simply gave a “click”


Thank you. Looking forward to seeing your publication about the subject.