Paper 12 Gauge Hulls

I’m looking for info and approximate value on these primed paper hills. They were part of a large vintage ammo purchase, I figured that they were junk, but before I dispose of them, I thought I’d ask here. I have 500-600 of them, plus wads and paper shot caps. Any info will be greatly appreciated!!

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Junk? I doubt it. We have some specialists here. Let’s wait awhile.

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I could use a box 😉


Krag56, happy to oblige. Throw a number at me.

Duqjans - when I said junk, I meant that these weren’t my target in the ammo lot that I purchased. It was buy all or nothing, so they didn’t have particular value to me. I’m sure there is some value in them, which is why I asked here. If nothing more, someone who reloads paper hulls might want them. Thanks for your reply, I’ll patiently await the experts.

Mamerico, I would like a box of them. Please notify me when you come up with a price on them, and where to send the $$. I have been a closet collector for years ever since my grandfather died and my grandmother gave me 2 cigar boxes of all different shotgun shells. He only had one Model 97 Shotgun, and why he had all these other different gauges, I have no idea. It has morphed into metallic cartridges now and I’m just getting around to getting them organized.



I’m with krag56 and esshup… when you figure out a value I would be interested in two, or three, boxes, and no, I also have no idea what they are worth, not my area of collecting [read: acquiring!] , but too cool to pass up!

It is just what people are willing to pay for them.
One might say $20,- for a box and perhaps there are people that would be willing to pay $100,-

These are about 100 years old, and I have no idea if the primers are still alive, so for shooting??
Collectors might be interested, I would also be seriously interested, but living in the Netherlands shipping would be the problem 😩.
My interest is purely collectors interest, having about 13000 different paper shotshells in my collection, a box of these would be very welcome.
If you know a way of getting them here please fell free to send me a PM.

Regards rené

I might be interested in a box or two as well. :)

Count me in for a box once you settle on a value.

Hello Mamerico,
I am lifemember Werner Richter from Germany.
This paper shot shells are made approx. 1900 - 1920 by Walbinger&Meuschel in Bischweiler Alsace, 1891 - 1918 Germany, before and after France country.
This empty shot shells are made for Wolff & Co. a german pwder factory on special order.
Please contact Bob Ruebel, who collect this field, when his family roots are from this region. A piece of Bobs history.

it was german from 1871 (not 1891) til 1918 part of the than german Elsass-Lothringen…
Today Bischweiler (Bischwiller) has a big community of Turcs due to a workforce for the former Textilindustrie, which creates now a lot of problems with the original alsace (Elsässer) Inhabitants…as the turcs have not at all changed their lifestyle to french art of living (no intergration)…same probs as in Germany happens everywhere…


Hi Hank - Thanks for the info! The shipping label on the box they came in was dated May 1912, so you’re right on as far as date goes. Bob and I already connected, and he has a box and some wads reserved for him - he is a wealth of knowledge! This group has been extremely helpful, and I’m now a member as well!! Thanks again!