Paper Cartridge Manufacturing Sites


That exchange on the Frankfurt .45 box brought back a thought. I was born and raised in Portsmouth, Ohio, on the Ohio River. Local lore had it that during the Civil War, there was a Union paper cartridge manufactory there, and in fact the brick building that was supposed to have been the site still exists, on 3rd Street in the west end of town. I left Portsmouth many years ago, so I have no other information. Does anyone have a listing of paper cartridge manufacturers during the Civil War that could provide more information? I’d guess there were many of them spread over the North (and the South), as it was a fairly simple process to make paper cartridges.


You would want to look in the first couple volumes of Dean Thomas’ book, Round Ball to Rimfire. If this info exists it exists there.

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Apparently the ammunition made there was not paper cartridges.

From the Ohio History Central Website:

“Portsmouth Cement & Lime - 401 Third St. Built around 1840 as a foundry and machine works it served also in later days as Portsmouth’s street car barn. As a foundry it produced shells for Civil War cannons. The hand hewn roof truss construction is an outstanding feature of this building.”

There is an additional mention that cannon were cast at the Portsmouth Foundry and Machine Works during the Civil War.

As I earlier said, the building is still standing and still in use by the Portsmouth Cement & Lime Co.