Paper Cartridges ID Needed

I have 2 paper cartridges that I have had since about 1980. Can anyone give me ID’s on them? All diminisions are approximate.

Tan Paper
Bullet Diameter (over the paper): 0.569
Bullet Length: 0.907
Over all length: 2.151
Powder Charge: 1.116
Length of Tail: 1.147
Tied with with White String

Dark Blue Paper
Bullet Diameter (over the paper): 0.579
Bullet Length: 0.965
Over all length: 2.536
Powder Charge: 1.1.498
Length of Tail: 0.936
Tied with with White String

.58 cal. civil war cartridges. The tan is the normal cartridge and the blue contains a cleaner bullet. The normal cartridge used a solid lead Minie bullet
with a big cavity in the bottom. So when shot the bullet was blown into the rifling. The cleanerbullet is a solid bullet with a zinc disc at the bottom -
These disc shouldt scrap out the black powder dirt.
May be look here for more info … … 67f17a9188

genkideskan–I agree with your ID on the blue one. That is what I had thought it was. I had it ID’ed as a .Model 1855 58 Musket with a 565 gr. Williams Type 1 bullet. But I don’t think your ID is correct on the tan one. I think it is .54 or.56 caliber not .58. Possible a .56 Sharps Carbine round.

Thanks for the Civil War link. I have posted my question there also.