Paper shotshells

Found this database from an italian web site. Anyone can write to the author for new additions … _pag_1.htm

This is from the same website, about the Fiocchi primers for shotshells … iocchi.htm

The article about primers is OK.
He was written by Roberto (Roby 62) which is the only Italian collector who knows (and even very very good !) his subject.

One remark : Italian people are the only ones to use the term “Doppia Forza” (double loading) which was a term widely used after wwii (and only once before WWII) as a marketing term and never used in their factories.
Even when you show them factories drawings with designation of their national ctges manufacturers they prefer to use this term which is inappropriate and false (some open 3 holes primers are more powerfull than some of the covered primers)

The article on paper shotshells contain more errors than right things.
Forget it.
Better to read some auction catalogue of Manfred Beutter or Pete de Coux where you will find accurate info.

Do the factory use the primer diameter/ color / materials to ID their primers?

yes of course