Parent Cartridge Families

Hi All, I’m just joined this group. I am a general collector and want to build some collections based on parent cartridges and their families.
ie. start with a .404 Jeffries and then have all the cartridges that were developed from or derived from the .404. I would like to do this with as many of the cartridges that I can that have led to large numbers of off-spring, such as the .375 H&H, .30-06, .308 Win, etc.
I’m trying to find a reference that lists Parent Cartridges and their derivatives. Does anyone have such references or lists?
Greatly Appreciated!

I am not aware of a reference of the type you are looking for. Mostly because, with all cross referencing, it would have the size of the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The main difficulty of your project will be to define parentage. While .243 Winchester arguably has the .308 Winchester as parent, this is a rare exception. In most cases, a cartridge has a number of parents. This makes achieving your goal very difficult.

For example, is the .308 Winchester a child of the .30-06 or really that of the .300 Savage? Can .307 Winchester be called a child of .308 Winchester? How much of the .30-06 is from its predecessor .30-03 and how much from the German 7.9 mm S-Patrone?

You will be dealing with a giant patchwork family. Probably its best to start with looking at a clearly defined small subset.

If you want to step up a bit in calibre:

Very interesting article! I would love to get those large rounds but doubt I could… JPleen, interesting point. It’s not like a cartridge only has one parent all the time. This could make things challenging.

Welcome Joel
Your going to have to make some decisions on where being a parent starts & stops. For instance JPeelen’s .308, .30-06 vs .300 Savage point. Yes they are all basically .30 cal & the 06 was a long time before the Savage or the .308. but why not go back to the Cal. .30-01 or even before with the Winchesters .30 headless series?

Or as the .308’s first actual test rounds were with blown out Savage cases, you could just stop there.

This is not to discourage you. We all relate to our collection focus in a number of ways & with a number of perimeters. I know one guy who only collects center fire raised headstamps, my self I collect up to 20mm with the exception of Gatling gun types firearms / weapons & so go bigger for those with no time limits. Then I also do boxes & shot gun shells, I can always find something at a show, so I always go home happy.

Joel: In fact the ancestor of the .308 immediately preceding the .300 Savage was the .250 Savage, which isn’t even a thirty! I think the study of cartridge families and the time lines of cartridges, particularly as they relate to arms in which they were employed is a useful project. It is also one that tends to improve one’s grasp of the broad general pattern of arms and ammunition design. Good luck on your project. Jack