Parent & Leroy


Photo of one 6.35 mm and two variations of 7.65 mm pistol cartridge boxes form Parent & Leroy.
The first 2 boxes are empty.
The 7.65 box on the right was open and contained 25 FN* with domed brass pr, and cn fmj.
Can anyone tell me about the history of Parent and Leroy.
Bob R.



Right away, we have not been able to find specific details about this Armory. The only clues are:

-The shop was active in the first 25 years of the XXth century,

-It was created by one Anatole Theodore LEROY, born in Pas-de-Calais, (northern France) in 1862. Did’nt find anything about his partner, Mr. Parent…

-They sold hunting gear and defense weapons, which were free to buy for anybody then…(no more like that to day!) and ammunition, obviously imported from Belgium (FN-Herstal).

-Their address, rue Bertin Poirée, Paris was later on taken by Cartoucherie Française offices (it’s a five story building, now transformed in appartments by two architects, friends of mine… unhappily, I was not there when they emptied the place including attics and basement in 1980, and whatever may have been left went in the refuse trucks…).

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Phillippe, according to the documentation I have this “Leroy” was Georges Henri Alfred Marie Leroy, the same who, together with Charles Gabel, established Cartoucherie Française in 1903.

Both Leroy and Parent worked for SFM until October 30, 1901, when they were dismissed from their duties. Their partnership was established on January 14, 1902 and lasted until 1913, when it was incorporated to Cartoucherie Française.

Is worth of mention that late in 1910, after having problems with locally produced 7 mm Mauser ammunition, the Mexican government contacted Parent & Leroy for supplying 15 million cartridges which were manufactured by FN of Herstal, of which they acted as representatives. Also, a smaller contract was filled with Mario Crestas’ house in Paris acting as representatives of Manfred Weiss of Budapest.

This is their heading as found in correspondence with the Mexican government:


Great Info! Thanks.

There is a 9mmP headstamped “F N 25”, and also one with a 27 date. I wonder if either has a place in this story. I have never seen a box label for either of these rounds.



Well! that is first rate info… I suppose that my guy was anyway, related, but do not know more, so I guess you are absolutely right!!!

A funny story, anyway…

Thanks a lot!



From the Cartoucherie Française 1953 catalog