Part of bullet shell with no headstamp

I was metal detecting today and found about half of a shell, it appears to have no headstamp and the length is unidentifiable. The width is 11mm

Any information or idea is appreciated cheers Hamish

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?8mm M92 Lebel Revolver???
Doc AV

Knowing where this turned up would help to narrow the range of good choices. Jack

It was found at a gun range in south Australia (port madonnell) which was operational in the late 50’s and early 60’s

Hamish: Thanks for the response. I suspect the period of operation of the range will help too. Jack

If found in Australia, more likely
Older .310 Cadet…leadbullet, either CAC ( pre 1921) or Imported
(Kynock or Eley)
Delete my mention above of French revolver ctg.
Doc AV