Partial 30-06 casing used for?

Here is a partial 30-06 casing used for what I do not know. It has a length of 1.966" and has a cross like reference mark stamped or cut deeply into the casing.

Any ideas?



What is the headstamp?

Only kidding!

Trinket? Religious ornament? Wind chime? Talisman? Dingbat?


Hi Joe, this is a Danish “7,62 mm Fejlpatron Nr. 2”, which is a purposely made case used in exercises to simulate a separated head. Regards, Fede.


Actually my first thought was as you describe. When I seen the way it was made with the cross sticking out on the inside of the casing I had that thought. Thanks for the conformation.


“FejlPatron” Failed Cartridge Trainer… Never heard of one for US or other Users (Aussie)…we just got the case extractor tool and went ahead and extracted the stuck body…it was pretty obvious if the Case Had separated…the Next round would not chamber ( In M1903, M1917, M1, BAR or M1919A4) (in our (Aussie) case, only the M1919A4, due to improper Headspacing the Barrel and Timing of the Bolt.

Doc AV

As far as I know the Danish are the only ones who use such Fejpatronen.
Instruction cartridges to simulate extraction and feeding problems
There are three different versions

  • case head missing ( as in this picture)
  • dents in case
  • part of extractor groove missing

I will post a picture of all three tomorrow.
They were also made in other calibers and a 7.62 NATO set was sold during the last ECRA meeting in Germany.

Fede, I am sure you have an illustrated pamphlet of how to extract a head separated case. May we see it? I am curious how much force is needed to pull it out.

“Fejlpatroner” was produced for 8x58RD, 7.92x57, 6,5x55, 303 Brit. but very rare in theses calibers. In 7.62x63 and 7.62x51 they also excist but not so rare.

As promised, here are two quick snap shots of the three versions

  • dented case
  • extractor groove partly missing
  • case head missing

the one with the dents has headstamp: crown HA 51
the one with the damaged extractor groove is a UK case headstamped: K .30

and a detailed foto of the partly missing Extractor groove

Thanks, Rene. I have those. Always wondered what they were.