Patents online


It is now possible to get access to US patents online through Google. These are sometimes rather erratically captioned but once you get the hang of the categories as defined by patent-lawyers its relatively easy to work out a way to what you’re seeking.

Does anyone know if other countries patent services are also online and if they are, how one can access them?

Patented designs aren’t only the well thought out and commercial, they also hold details of the seriously wacky and the strange beyond reason. In other words, a goldmine of delights for anyone interested in the inventiveness of the human mind.

Happy collecting, Peter


Rather than go through Google you can directly access the US patent site at:

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And I use this server. If you want to find cartridges, write “F42” in the field “International Patent Classification” on page of the advanced search


I have been diving through patents for many months.
The only problem with google is that some names have some wrong letters like R for B, etc.

International Patent Classification = F42 for cartridges?
What code for revolvers?

As I search for very old patents it is very difficult to find them.
Espacenet works ok for post-1900 patents.

Patants are very informative. It is incredible how old are some designs.


You’re right, a code of cartridges “F42”. Weapon “F41” code